Community Christian Church
Sunday, December 05, 2021
It's not a religion, it's a relationship



Community Christian Church

A Beautiful Place for the Most Important Day of Your Life

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Our Elegant Sanctuary

The venue you choose for your special day should reflect the eternal love you have for each other. It should also properly communicate th values you hold dear. Our traditional and   timeless sanctuary features natural wood floors, pews, pulpits and altar.
Even though the colorful stained glass is reminiscent of by-gone days of faith and morality it also features a modern sound system and video options that will allow your service to be current and timeless; modern and meaningful.
The Sanctuary also features and organ and a piano allowing you to have live music as a centerpiece of the ceremony. Although we can not provide musicians a sound and video technician will be included in the cost of renting our facility.
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The Price is Right

Our Sanctuary will comfortably seat 150 guests. The foyer features cafe style tables and coffee and pastries can be provided for early guests. We have two rooms coming off the foyer that can be used as changing rooms for the Bride and the Groom.
We offer all of this except the coffee and pastries for at total of three hours (an hour and a half before the service and an hour and a half from the time the service begins) for just $450.
If you would like to have our Senior Pastor, David Arnold, perform the ceremony the couple would be required to meet with him at least two weeks before the service. Some sort of gift to cover his time would be appreciated.
This $400 fee would also include the sound and video tech and clean up after the service.
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The Reception
We can accommodate your reception in our newly remodeled Fellowship Hall  in the basement of the church. The hall itself seats about 70 people with a fully furnished kitchen. We also have a gym where more tables could be set up for larger parties or a live band with a dance floor might better suit your event.
We would provide both facilities for 3 hours for $300 if you will provide help with clean-up or $400 if we do all of the clean up for you except, of course, your pots, pans and plates.
This means that you will be providing the food. While we can stir you to a caterer we do not provide that service ourselves.
Nearly any day or evening of the week could be made to work for your event with the obvious exception of Sunday morning but we would need at least two weeks advanced notice.
Please feel free to call Pastor David at 614-905-7236
Or e-mail him